Friday, January 22, 2016

United Nilgiri Tea Estates - India

I have a low opinion of propagating stock investing as a profession, easy money, treasure hunt, road to billions, connotes all of that, hence infrequency of posts.

Ironically, I myself like nothing more than going through ten annual reports on a weekend, and to think of compounding most of the time. 

My personal opinion for you equity crazy people on the company link

Disclosure: I and my Fund have position in this stock. Please consult your SEC, SEBI, FMA registered investment adviser before investing.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Three Micro Caps - India

Orient Beverages: Bought and Sold in 2014. Interestingly Bisleri is coming out of non-compete clause with Coca Cola and will also introduce energy drinks. Orient distributes Bisleri Products in the eastern region of India.

United Nilgiri Tea Estates: Part of Amalgamations group. A direct play on organic tea. 60-70% output is exported hence strong dollar is beneficial. 

Dhanvantri Jeevan Rekha: Management owns only 24% of company, dividend is sporadic but as per AR expansion is in progress. A hospital with good cash flows and multiple specialities.

Disclosure: Invested