Friday, July 4, 2014


A moat is a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water, that surrounds a castle, other building or town, historically to provide it with a preliminary line of defence. In some places moats evolved into more extensive water defences, including natural or artificial lakes, dams and sluices. Source :

What is considerably colossal than a Moat ? Ocean

From experience, everything in New Zealand is nearly twice as expensive as in United States. All companies are leaders in their niche, at a heavy cost to consumers BUT at a great boon to investors and business owners.

What I found after one week of research in Sri Lanka is that 50% of listed companies are investment worthy. People much more refined and humble than in India and Bangladesh. Besides, a small country is easier to turn around. In India's glorious period of 2003 - 2014 Sensex ascented by eight times from 3200 - 25,000, while Sri Lanka despite in civil strife about 17 times from 400 - 6400

Competition is far forbearing to overlook. In my opinion the Colombo Stock Exchange Index itself should do better than any other Asian country's leading stocks.


  1. Phenomenal Truths:

    "I lived through a war in Bangladesh and saw how people with nothing gave others food and shelter," she says. "It gave me courage to think that when you can't rely on government to protect you, you can rely on human nature. So I've made the purpose of my life to contribute to society and give back what I get."

    "A land, a civilization lives, not by its material achievements, but in its masterpieces of man."

    "Usually unknown people are greater than known and popular ones"

  2. Kitex

  3. 1961 Berkshire partnership letter

    Column 1 - Mass. Inv. Trust Investors Stock
    Column 2 - Lehman Tri-Cont.
    Column 3 - Dow Limited
    Column 4 - Partners
    1957 - 12.0% -12.4% -11.4% -2.4% -8.4% 9.3%
    1957-58 2 6.8% 29.3% 24.7% 30.0% 26.9% 44.5%
    1957-59 37.2% 42.6% 34.8% 40.9% 52.2% 74.7%
    1957-60 36.0% 42.5% 38.3% 44.8% 42.6% 107.2%
    Massachusetts Investors Trust has net assets of about $1.8 billion; Investors Stock Fund about $1 billion; Tri
    -Continental Corporation about $ .5 billion; and Lehman Corporation about $350 million; or a total of over $3.5
    I do not present the above tabulations and information with the idea of indicting investment companies. My own
    record of investing such huge sums of money, with restrictions on the degree of activity I might take in
    companies where we had investments, would be no better, if as good. I present this data to indicate the Dow as
    an investment competitor is no pushover, and the great bulk of investment funds in the country are going to have
    difficulty in bettering, or perhaps even matching, its performance.

    How many fund managers in the world could better than 15x in 10 years ? None. Individual investors, only a few.


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